An Organized Home: Our Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet Organization {how to organize}

How to organize your closet. This is the walk-in closet in our master bedroom. First thing we did was purge (2 kitchen trash bags of clothes). Then we emptied the closet and made sure nothing went back in that is not clothing. After cleaning the shelves and vacuuming, we zoned each area for a type of clothing – tops, pants, dresses, accessories. We used uniform hangers, closet dividers from Clutter Diet, a purse organizer, a clear plastic shoe holder, and closet extension rods. Clothing was hung from light to dark and patterns behind solids. We also have 2 hampers so that clothing can be separated before bringing to the laundry room – one for lights and the other for darks. Happy Organizing!

We hope you enjoy this video as we enjoy doing everything together as a Mommy and daughter team 😀

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