Bathroom Decor: Small Space Rental

I’ve painted my bathroom black & couldn’t be happier! What do you think of my simple, small space bathroom makeover?

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1. Shelf – Piece of Shelf custom cut from Hardware Store I spray painted black, along with the shelf brackets. This usually doesn’t require brackets & will sit easily on the back of the toilet so you can easily remove. If it won’t, just secure a few inches above. ūüôā
2. Lamp (I spray painted it gold):
3. Silver Horse Statue, Blue & White Box, and Containers: HomeGoods
4. Pink Towels:
5. Gold Soap Dispenser:
6. Black Basket:
7. Brass Towel Ring: Antique Store
8. All other details: Vintage
9. Paint:

Thank you guys so much for watching. I know some of you don’t want to paint a rental — I feel like if you’re going to be there at least a year, take the time to make it feel like home. It’s not much out of your deposit or you can just paint it back white. To each their own! ūüôā Please let me know what else you’d like so see!


Edited by Vanessa Rud